What qualifies as a ‘community organisation’?

The support provided by SCW is funded by the Welsh Government’s Rural Development Programme and delivered by a consortium of non-profit energy efficiency experts led by Severn Wye Energy Agency. The programme is designed to support communities across Wales, and as such the support we are able to provide free of charge through the programme is limited to incorporated organisations who are able to demonstrate community benefit, community ownership or social impact locally through the work they do.

A wide variety of registered community organisations are eligible for free support, including:

  • Community-owned enterprises (e.g. shops, pubs, leisure centres)
  • Social enterprises
  • Charities
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs)
  • Community Asset Transfers

SCW works across Wales in both rural and urban communities, so geography is not an issue so long as the community buildings in question are located within the Welsh borders.

There are no exemptions for industry, the size of the organisation, turnover or type of building – so long as your community organisation is registered and recognised. While community organisation will benefit from the programme, those with older buildings or spending upwards of £2,000 a year on energy will see the most benefit from the process.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible, please get in touch to find out whether we could help.

In the event that you are ineligible for the support, but remain interested in receiving the type of service provided, please do get in contact with us or email business@severnwye.org.uk to explore options available to you.

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Other opportunities

Agricultural communities may benefit from support from Severn Wye’s RE-DIRECT project, which is investigating a wide range of benefits of on-farm biochar production, including improvements to soil, plant and animal health, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.